The Eritrean Canadian Community Center of Metropolitan Toronto (ECCC) is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to serving and uplifting the Eritrean community, while nurturing their integration and success within the Canadian landscape.


ECCC's commitment is rooted in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for Eritrean communities, regardless of their political affiliations. Our core objective is to address the unique challenges faced by Eritrean immigrants and provide them with essential support to thrive in their new homes.


Our dynamic team of professional Eritrean Canadians volunteers their time, skills, and expertise to enrich the lives of fellow community members. Drawing on a deep understanding of Eritrean culture and the immigrant experience, our volunteers provide tailored assistance to those in need.


We prioritize supporting Eritrean elders who face challenges such as language barriers, cultural adaptation, and accessing essential services. Our initiatives and programs enhance their well-being, foster social connections, and preserve cultural heritage.


Our dedication extends to empowering Eritrean youth through education and leadership development. We believe empowering the next generation is pivotal for the community's long-term success. We provide educational resources, mentorship programs, and workshops to equip youth with skills, cultural pride, and leadership potential.


ECCC operates as a vibrant hub for Eritrean Canadians to converge, share experiences, and build networks. Our calendar features events, cultural celebrations, and forums that champion unity, solidarity, and a profound sense of belonging.


ECCC's Board of Directors is committed to nurturing unity, respect, and inclusivity within the community. Open dialogue and collaboration are our tools to effectively address conflicts and pave the path for harmonious coexistence.


For further insights into ECCC or to contribute towards the betterment of our community, we invite you to reach out.